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Early in his career, principal John McCloud received comprehensive industry training while employed with a large national property management company. During these formidable years, he developed a practical and applicable understanding of apartment management and repeatedly turned around underperforming properties, all ranging in size from 230 to 1000 units. In February 1994, he accepted a senior position with a small property management company to help the owner manage and grow his portfolio. While there, he performed due diligence and secured financing for 15 real estate transactions and 4500 units. This successful growth was due in large measure to John’s professional expertise and business acumen. He attained complete profit and loss accountability for the entire 21-site portfolio.

Considered an expert in apartment utility sub metering and allocation, John has been cited as such in Units (October 2003), Multi-Family Executive (January 2004), and Apartment Finance Today (May/June 2004).

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